Being Buster Keaton

I’ve mostly been at the writing/producing/commissioningĀ end of the documentary-making business, (though I did start out as a photographer). Last week I did some real actual filming for the doc I’ve written called YARN. It was in Barcelona at the SWAB art fair. Helgi Felixsson is the director (and has also shot a lot of it)… Continue reading Being Buster Keaton

Pitching YARN at the Nordisk Forum

all good things must come to an end

The other reason for going to Malmo was the pitch the documentary project YARN at the Nordisk Forum. I’m the writer and exec producer, which is directed by Helgi Felixsson, and produced by Heather Millard of Compass Films in Reykjavik. We’ve been developing it for a while, and have our characters, but this was its… Continue reading Pitching YARN at the Nordisk Forum