Pitching YARN at the Nordisk Forum

The other reason for going to Malmo was the pitch the documentary project YARN at the Nordisk Forum. I’m the writer and exec producer, which is directed by Helgi Felixsson, and produced by Heather Millard of Compass Films in Reykjavik. We’ve been developing it for a while, and have our characters, but this was its first formal pitch. Lots of meetings followed the pitch – 15 minutes to present and discuss it with a table of decision makers, in front of an audience – and it was the meetings that were most valuable. Good comments, and a connection with the people who we hope will put some more funding into the project so that we can continue.

It’s about crochet, knitting, and art. A hard film to pitch, but I know it’ll work. There’s no link to the YARN site, because we haven’t made one yet. But now I’ve got the hang of this WordPress thing, I can feel it’s close…