Finding stories for SBS Australia

As of earlier this week, I’m the International Content Consultant for the channel SBS in Australia. I’m still based in Copenhagen and London, but spending part of my week working to the team in Sydney to scout for programmes to acquire for the channel – factual/documentary, but also other genres too. Really looking forward to getting to grips with a new channel and above all a new audience. The job will take me to markets and events, but I’ll also be connecting with production companies, broadcasters and distributers in person and online. I’m taking over from Jane Roscoe, who’s gone to run the London Film School. Lots to get my head round, but it’s a great opportunity for me.

Peter Hamilton posted a note about it on the Australian page of his excellent site – scroll down here to find me on the page.

The logo above says SBS stands for Seven Billion Stories, so I guess I have plenty to choose from…